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The Youth of 1880
BSA Troop 1880 meets every Sunday afternoon 3:30PM at Park Meadow Baptist Church in Waxahachie.

Crew 1880 meets at the Beaumont Ranch the 2nd Saturday of every month.

The Beaumont's Family Ranch offers an 1880's frontier town that was designed to promote the history of Texas. The Beaumont Ranch provides the perfect backdrop for living history events and other special events; while providing the unit with a hands on learning environment.

The youth of 1880 are enlisted in the Texas Frontier Soldier program with the historic 4th US Cavalry for their basic training; it is with the 4th Cav. that they will learn the Scouting ropes on the Trail to First Class. Once Scouts have completed their basic training they are encouraged to explore what life was like during the Indian War / Cattle Drive period of Texas history by interacting with and portraying occupations such as; Soldiers, Blacksmiths, Lawmen, Bankers, Frontier News Reporter and other occupations from the 1860s-1890s.

Next Living History Event
The next Living History event at the ranch will be March the 10th & 11th 2012. March will feature full scale Civil War battles involving Cavalry, Artillery and Infantry in the main battle fields as well as battles to capture the town of Chisholm Fork. In addition to the battles there will be several classes and demonstrations going on around the town such as an Introduction to Blacksmithing, Gunsmithing, Camp Cooking, Bonnet Making and Butter Making to name a few.

Texas 1880 would like to invite all Scouts and Scouters, little brothers and sisters, Ma & Pa, Grandma and Grandpa and maybe a neighbor or two to attend the annual Living History event hosted every year the second weekend of March by the Civil War Center of Texas and Texas 1880 at the Beaumont Ranch.

Come out and joining our Troop and Crew for a fun day in history. Stay the evening of Saturday, March 10th for the dance. Everyone has a great time learning the dances and making new friends.

Please feel free to contact any of our leaders to arrange a visit to our Scout meetings in Waxahachie; Sunday afternoons or join us at the Beaumont Ranch the 2nd Saturday of each month for our monthly activities, the Beaumont Ranch is located just south of Ft. Worth off of I-35W exit 15 just outside of Grandview, TX for information on Troop/Crew activities and events you can call Spencer Thompson at 972.571.7095.

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